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Red Metal Tile With White Rain Gutter — Home Exterior Remodeling in Omaha, NE
Gutter — Home Exterior Remodeling in Omaha, NE
Increase the value and durability of your house while lowering energy costs with our Siding, Gutter, & Sheet Metal services in Omaha, Nebraska. 10 Men Roofing specializes in a wide range of services used to enhance and protect your home.


Siding installations can be a simple alteration that increases the value and energy efficiency of your house. We provide a wide variety of materials, textures, and colors to bring life and individuality to your home. Take advantage of our free estimates with absolutely no obligation to purchase. Siding helps to protect your house from most weather and climate conditions as well as increase its attractiveness.


Gutters protect your foundation by allowing rain water to drain away from your home. Without this protection the water could seep into the cracks of your foundation and cause serious damage and decrese the value of your home. If you have a crawl space, the water can build and rest resulting in increased humidity that causes wood to rot or mold. Contact us today at 402-991-0048 to find out more about our gutter installation and repair services.

Sheet Metal

We offer sheet metal services to help with the build and repair of your home. Please allow one of our licensed contractors to come out to your property to assist you with any sheet metal services you may have.

Dumpster rentals

We also off dumpster rentals for a reasonable price. We offer several sizes and types for your convenience. When it comes to home improvement, let 10 Men roofing take care of you. These Dumpsters are use to take away the debris and wreckage from your home improvement project.


The different sized dumpsters come at different rates. Rentals can be by the week, or by longer periods.
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Dumpster — Home Exterior Remodeling in Omaha, NE
  • Roll off 12yd dumpster, $180 a week
  • Roll off 20yd dumpster, $260 a week
Invest in your home today with our Siding, Gutter, and Sheet Metal Services. Call 402-991-0048 today.